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Hard Mule Cocktails, Part 3: The Spring Rickey

Featuring Moscow Mule True Original Hard Seltzer

Did you know that Moscow Mule True Original Hard Seltzer is a great replacement for bubbles in your cocktails? Follow along monthly as we show you how to whip up new cocktails with an extra kick! Part 3: The Spring Rickey This cocktail uses our seltzer in place of Ginger Ale for a fun twist on a Gin Rickey. But that's not the only thing we're subbing in! We're also using White Whiskey instead of gin, and brightening the whole drink with the fresh flavors of pea shoots - one of the first signs of warm weather!

We've sourced our pea shoots from Vigeo Gardens, located right next to us at Canal Place in Akron. They grow hydroponic micro greens and salad greens for the area's best shops and restaurants.

Start with a highball glass filled with ice. Add: 1.5 oz White Whiskey

(We like Middlewest Spirits White Rye)

Fill the glass halfway with pea puree (recipe below) Top with Moscow Mule True Original Hard Seltzer Stir with a long cocktail spoon and garnish with a lime wheel and pea tendril. ENJOY! To make the Pea Puree: In a blender combine 1 large handful of pea shoots, 1.5oz simple syrup, 2oz lime juice and .5oz water. Blend until smooth. Add additional lime juice and/or simple syrup to taste. This should make enough for two cocktails. Follow us on social for new cocktails every week! @hardmule_seltzer

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