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Hard Mule Cocktails, Part 5: The Derby Day Double Down

Just in time for the Kentucky Derby, we’ve got a Julep for you for our May edition of Hard Mule Cocktails!Did you know that Moscow Mule True Original Hard Seltzer is a great replacement for bubbles in your cocktails? Follow along monthly as we show you how to whip up new cocktails with an extra kick!

Part 5: The Derby Day Double DownThis cocktail is a fun play on a traditional “Mint Julep,” THE official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. We’ve swapped out the middled mint for some mint simple syrup (your arms will thank you) and added Pimm’s and our new seltzer, Kick Ass Imperial Hard Seltzer, to make a double boozy cocktail!

In a julep cup combine:

1.25 oz Kentucky Bourbon

1.25 oz Pimm’s

.75 oz Mint Simple (recipe below)

.75 oz Lime JuiceStir!

Top with crushed ice, and top with Kick Ass Imperial Hard Seltzer Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.Enjoy!

For the Mint Simple Syrup:

Over medium heat, bring together one cup water, one cup white sugar, and one cup fresh mint. Steep until the liquid has reduced to desired consistency. Strain off syrup from mint.

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